About us

There are a large number of diplomats around the world buying and selling diplomatic registered vehicles each year, but with no uniformed and streamlined market place. The cars have up till now been sold either via word of mouth, through e-mails directly to the other embassies and missions or sold to the diplomat’s successors. Moving to a new country the diplomat can now, though a familiar platform, simply choose that country and find a diplomatic pre-owned car for sale.

CD-CARS.COM was established and created by three “trailing spouses” of diplomats who each met challenges when finding and buying, then selling their diplomatic registered cars. We saw the lack of a proper marketplace for pre-owned diplomatic cars around the world and we came up with the idea to facilitate and create a SECURE site to buy and sell diplomatic registered cars.

Although the idea behind CD-CARS.COM is a peer-to-peer marketplace between diplomats selling and buying cars it also offers a limited space for car dealers and car manufacturer offering diplomatic car sales.
The three founders of CD-CARS.COM established and registered the company Mikritho AB in Stockholm, Sweden in which the ownership, management and development of CD-CARS.COM lies. The three founders have different professional profiles and backgrounds, the merge of which will offer a platform covering several dimensions.

In addition to the Stockholm office we have offices in Washington DC (USA) and Warsaw (Poland). We hope you will find CD-CARS.COM a useful tool when moving around the world and buying and selling your cars. Feel free to contact us on post@cd-cars.com.

             Thank you for using CD-CARS.COM

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                                                                                      CD-CARS.COM is owned and operated by Mikritho AB